• The Pump Lamp, the Eternal Lamp - $100, the Shock Lamp and the Hub Orbism Lamp - Photo by John Kerr of MountainBikeAction
  • The Bankers Lamp
  • Street Lamp Orb, (on the left) - Built from Cannondale Recumbant bicycle parts with fully adjustable height and arm. Available for purchase - $300... Oh-No-Joe, (on the right) - A custom piece built from an Oh-No-Joe moment!

Bike-Part-Art Gallery

Michael Martins Bike-Part-Art Creations

Most cyclists have more than a few worn out or broken bicycle parts that once helped make memories. Instead of tossing them into the trash or recycle bin, consider an MG Martins custom piece of functional Bike-Part-Art you can treasure for years to come.

View some great examples here, contact for a commisioned creation or checkout what's currently for sale ...